SMITE - Unreleased Gods Discovered in Game Files

  Several potential gods were found in Smite's DB files. Some of these gods are actually completed while other have been identified as black square place holders for possible future animations.

  • Aphrodite (Greek, Goddess of Love)
  • Ares (Greek, God of War)
  • Bakasura (Hindu)
  • Chamunda (Hindu, Aspect of Devi)
  • Dionysus (Greek, God of Grape Harvest)
  • Fenrir (Norse, Monsterous Wolf)
  • Freya (Norse, Goddess of Love and Fertility)
  • Guan Yu (Chinese, General of Liu Bei)
  • Garuda (Hindu, Mount of Vishnu)
  • Isis (Egyptian, Goddess of Motherhood and Magic)
  • Loki (Norse, The Trickster God)
  • Medusa (Greek, The Gorgon)
  • Qi-Lin (Chinese, The Chimerical)
  • Rakshasa (Hindu, The Man Eater)
  • Shiva (Hindu, The Destroyer / Transformer)
  • Yen-Lo-Wang (Chinese, The God of Death)

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